Searching out for a better app store that can help you with all the latest apps for your android mobile phone? Well, there is nothing better than 9apps 2016 that you can get for your mobile phone and when compared to other stores such as play store and even some of the store that provides free apps then you will find 9apps 2016 much better. If you are looking out for such apps that are paid for real then you can get them all for free on 9apps and this thing makes the 9apps store popular than it was ever before. If you are a new user then there are a lot of things that might surprise you and if you are using 9apps then we are going to let you know about some hidden things that you can use right now on your mobile phone.

What is 9apps and why one should choose 9apps?

9apps is just like every another app store out in the market that you can use for downloading many types of apps, games and many other things in case of 9apps. There are a lot of things that you can get from 9apps and when you look out then you will find that this store is the best that you can get. Well, you might be wondering about why is it so? So, here are some amazing features that you can get from getting 9apps on your mobile phone. Consider all these features and you will get a lot of benefits that will surely help you to get the best of apps easily and with no extra money. Checkout these things and think before you install any other store than 9apps 2016 –

Features of 9apps 2016

9apps 2016 has tons of features that will never fail to impress you and these are so much better that you can use them all in a easier way. Here are all of them and you can use this information as to get access to them in the easiest way possible. So, let us get started –

1) Small Size

The size of the 9apps is really small and you can easily use it on a low phone. You don’t need some really great specification as to run such a small app. The size of the app is almost 2.8mb for the 9apps 2016 version and with all that this app will never take any load or give the load to your processor and is one of the smooth applications on the web. This thing can work out to be the best and the small size is just unbelievable with such beautiful and handy user interface.

2) Categorization

The number of categories that you can get with the 9apps in the name of application is not less and you can easily get one on your phone. The 9apps 2016 can help you with so many things as if you want any app for the personalization then you can get into the category of the required thing and as per you can find many things which can turn out to be helpful for you.

3) Wide Range of Content

Huge variety of content is the best thing that you can get with 9apps 2016 and it can help with a variety of content. There are a lot of content that you can find on 9apps 2016 and you can use it al for your mobile phone. There are themes that you can choose and moreover there are some of the best apps and recommendations daily for your mobile phone as per your searched and installed items on the 9apps 2016.

4) Easy to Operate

The UI is so handy when it comes to the 2016 version of 9apps. Many things are there that you can find on some app stores that are so hard to operate and you might fail to get some things done with all such things related to it. You have to make sure that the content that you are getting is the best and other than that, all the things that you can find on 9apps 2016 is so great and easy.

5) Language Support

Yes, if you want your elders who are not fond of English then they can use other 14 language that can help them to use the app and understand all the features. This thing is the best that every Indian user can get and it is the best that will surely help you out in the best way possible for everyone who want to get the app in Hindi as to understand better.

6) One Click Download

You don’t have to give any permission or anything and you can get the app with a single click. No matter what you are doing and you can get so many benefits that will surely help you out in the best way and the one click downloading is one of the best things that you can get from the apps out there.

7) Powerful Download Manager

The powerful download manager of 9apps is one of the best things that you can get with the 9apps 2016 and this downloading manager can help you to get super fast speed from your services. However, there are some things that depends on your service provider but the manager will try to suck in most of the internet that gives you a speed for your downloading as per the UC mini version.

8) Inbuilt File Manager and Uninstaller

If you want to explore through your storage as to check on the things that takes up lot of space then the inbuilt file manager can help you a lot and you can use them as to get things done with the uninstaller when you are out there to uninstall any of the apps.

These are all the features that you can get with the 9apps 2016 version. Checkout the apps on 9apps store and you will surely love the way you will get to download variety of applications.